• Situation:
    Chevrolet and EDS were set to launch the first automaker-sponsored roadside assistance program

    • They needed an identity, selling tools, loyalty items, and dealer support material

    Introduce Chevrolet Roadside Assistance Program

    • To all Chevrolet and GEO dealers and their sales staffs
    • To the car-buying public at large

    Establish Chevy Roadside as a membership-based club that delivers customer satisfaction

    • Membership cards, window stickers, glovebox brochures and courtesy keys
    • Weekly updates and follow-up with purchasers of Chevrolet vehicles


Millions of Chevrolet Vehicles Carried Our Badge


When you rent a Chevrolet car anywhere in North America, our sticker is on the left-rear window. Look for the red, white, and blue Chevy Roadside logo.



We began by developing the distinctive Roadside badge. It carried the Chevrolet "USA" look, but was unique to this program. Of course, all the graphics and color standards were also developed, as well as materials for the Customer Assistance Centers (call centers).


Each Monday morning, we received a database of people who purchased Chevrolet vehicles in the prior week, sorted by VIN. Working with a subcontractor, we imprinted cards, floating two at a time onto owner letters, and mailed as many as 80,000 during the remainder of the week. Then we did it again the following week.


We won many creativity and innovation rewards with this program. It became so popular that we helped develop a special subset for owners of Corvette vehicles. Finally, we helped launch Roadside Outbound, which offered the customer assistance power of Roadside to owners of non-Chevrolet vehicles.


When OnStar was introduced as the new GM-wide owner assistance program, Roadside was maintained as an assistance program for rental fleets.