• Situation:
    The Fiat/Chrysler affiliation sparked new interest in the technology of Italy

    • Italian suppliers were inquiring about opportunities in the USA

    Leverage this affiliation to increase membership in IAABT

    • More Italian companies inquiring
    • More American suppliers inquiring, looking for partnerships and opportunities with the new Chrysler

    Host an event to explore the possible implications on Detroit of a Fiat/Chrysler affiliation

    • Event: "Chrysler with Fiat. Chrysler without Fiat."


Local Association Challenges the Fiat/Chrysler Affiliation, Looks for Answers


The Italian American Alliance for Business and Technology is a non-profit organization based in Michigan, but with influence in Italy and throughout North America. Mission of the Alliance is to serve the networking needs of Italian and American technology companies that are intersted in expanding business opportunities.


When Fiat announced an interest in acquiring the assets of troubled Chrysler Corporation, the Alliance went into high gear supporting this alliance, but pressing for more information to satisfy the concerns of Italian and American supplier companies.


2009 efforts were focussed on promoting the benefits of Tecnologia Italiana with networking events throughout the Detroit automotive community.



Significant among these was "Chrysler and Fiat. Sunrise or Sunset", a provocative program that drew over 300 people to downtown Detroit to hear industry experts like David Cole and John McElroy debate the possibilities. Little information on the acquisition was forthcoming from either partner or the US government, so any alternative was open for discussion.