• Situation:
    Relatively unknown brand for machine tools and manufacturing systems

    • Component companies, however, were household words in industry - Lamb, Landis, Cincinnati, and others

    Introduce the concept of a single source for manufacturing and assembly

    • Position UNOVA as the supplier of choice
    • Build a case for the benefits of synergy among Unova companies

    "Pathways to Productivity" at Ford and Chrysler

    • Exhibits and demonstrations: 6,500 SF at Ford - 8,000 SF at Chrysler
    • Seminars
    • Executive previews
    • Follow-up research


UNOVA Takes Its Show on the Road


When there is an opportunity to demonstrate supplier capabilities to the automotive OEMs, the choices are the same as in dating: "come to my place, go to your place, or let's meet someplace."



The "Go to your place" technology shows have become popular because more OEM people can break free to attend when it is at their location. Unfortunately for UNOVA, neither Ford nor Chrysler had ever hosted a capital equipment company. So, we had to create the invitation lists for both events by merging and purging lists from the SAE and trade publications.


Pathways to Productivity drew the second-highest attendance numbers in Ford tech show history, exceeded only by a Visteon event. At Chrysler, the program did exceptionally well, despite having to be rescheduled at the last minute by the merger with Daimler.


We created excitement and sales opportunities resulted, at both car makers. UNOVA management pointed out that sales teams from each component company also learned a great deal about each other, and larger system sales resulted.

Because these were proprietary technology shows, journalists were not actively solicited to attend. But the few that expressed interest were allowed to do phone interviews with UNOVA subject matter experts on the show floor.