Here Are Ten Marketing Research Ideas to Help Grow Your Business:



  • 1. Get your CEO to be more personally involved in direct customer feedback. (read more)
  • 2. Do not assume that better-informed people are more rational in their buying decisions. (read more)
  • 3. Sometimes we should listen more to our "gut instincts" than to market survey results. (read more)
  • 4. Start "Psycho-Analyzing" your customer database. (read more)
  • 5. Do not assume that your customers know what they need. (read more)
  • 6. Use a more "strategic" approach to data analysis. (read more)
  • 7. Include a measure of customer "trust" as part of the overall measure of customer satisfaction. (read more)
  • 8. Explore the potential of a "Balanced Truth" approach in your marketing communications. (read more)
  • 9. Do not assume that a "larger" sample will always yield more useful results than a "smaller" sample. (read more)
  • 10. Try to create a company environment where "customer complaints" will be viewed by employees as a potential "growth opportunity" and not a threat. (read more)
  • About our Guest Expert:

David M. Stander, President
Stander Research Associates, Inc.

(586) 778-8910



Professional Biography of David M. Stander

David Stander is the founder and President of Stander Research Associates, Inc. and has been a marketing planning and research specialist for more than thirty years. During this time, he has served as a marketing strategist and research consultant to many of the nation's leading corporations, including General Motors, Ross Laboratories, Michelin North America, Pulte Homes, Campbell-Ewald Advertising and Borden Foods - to name just a few. Mr. Stander has extensive experience in conducting both qualitative and quantitative research studies in a broad range of product and service categories.


Some of his key management positions have included Manager of Marketing Research for Parke-Davis, a worldwide pharmaceutical manufacturer; Marketing Research Director for Ford & Earl Design Associates, an industrial design firm and Senior Vice President and Partner of Brand, Gruber, Stander & Company, a marketing research and new product consulting firm. Just prior to forming his own company, Mr. Stander was appointed to Director of New Product Planning for the combined Warner-Lambert divisions of Parke-Davis and Warner-Chilcott. David Stander received a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan and conducted his graduate work in marketing at Wayne State University in Detroit.