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Modular, Scaleable Machine Control System Introduced by Infimatic at EMO Hannover

September 17, 2007 - Infimatic (Hebron, KY) – a new controls-manufacturing division of MAG Industrial Automation Systems (MAG IAS), introduced the Freedom NC200TM CNC, a modular machine control system with scalable architecture, at EMO Hannover (2007).  The system is designed for machine tool builders and automation integrators for applications ranging from motion and general automation to high speed 5-axis contour die/mold applications.

Infimatic’s primary design objective was to create a platform that adapts easily, integrates seamlessly, and upgrades quickly to accommodate the faster data rates and complex automation needs of today’s advanced production environments.  A second objective was to offer the advanced-capability NC200 at a cost substantially below that of competing systems.   

A plug-and-play servo system, upgradeable main unit, integral CAD/CAM, and a distributed architecture that facilitates optimized cabinet design add to the control’s flexibility. Features such as fan-less cooling, disk-less data storage, all surface-mount board construction and advanced protection circuitry are aimed at giving the Freedom NC200TM maximum reliability in tough production machining environments.

“This is a machine tool control designed and built by machine tool builders, which means we come at this task with a deep understanding of CNC from the user’s point of view,” said Pete Tecos, VP Sales and Marketing, Infimatic. “The twelve companies that comprise Infimatic’s parent-company MAG IAS have combined their decades of machine tool and control design experience to evaluate and optimize this powerful, modular control platform. The Freedom NC200 has a modular component set and scaleable architecture that means you can increase capabilities with field-upgradeable modules.”

Pete Tecos added: “We’ve designed this system specifically around the needs of the machinist, from simple milling and drilling to sophisticated high-speed machining and die/mold applications. From any screen, three button presses or less will call up your desired function or operation.”

The concise, color-coded NC editor allows complex background editing during machining. Among its key features is VeriCode™ - which provides real-time syntax and semantic verification for quick, error-free part programming. Infimatic’s 32-bit color display accommodates 2D or 3D graphics.

The EcoVerter™ Servo System is designed for fast integration and smooth, energy-efficient performance.  It employs advanced intelligence amplifier technology, with outputs ranging from 400W to 120kW, with the flexibility to control rotary, linear, and direct drive motors. Servo system setup and maintenance is made simple with ServoScanTM – a unique technology that automatically populates critical control parameters and other pertinent data upon power up.

The control system easily evolves with production needs. Input/Output functions can be housed in the electrical cabinet or field-mounted. Software on Demand allows automatic application configuration.  For faster block processing speeds, the main unit can be upgraded with a more powerful processor through simple plug-and-play hardware. The Freedom NC200 DuetTM option offers multiple high-performance CPUs for the most challenging high-speed machining applications. Freedom also includes GibbsCAM® SFP, the control-resident version of GibbsCAM for seamless CAM/CNC integration.

For more information on the Freedom NC2000TM, contact Pete Tecos, VP Sales and Marketing, Infimatic, at 586.532.3140.  PR contact: Dave Schmidt, Smith-Winchester, david@smith-winchester.com, 248.352.3333.

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