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Days 4-5 – September 20-21, 2007
From Job Shops to the Largest OEMs: They Have Come

Mag Exhibit on the EMO Show Floor

As the EMO show moves into its final days, the MAG IAS exhibit is seeing unprecedented, elbow-to-elbow activity. Interest in the new Infimatic control system is very high (see below). The breadth of the machine demonstrations has been another draw, from MAG Fadal’s “Profit Shop” (with a VMC6535 cutting both steel and titanium parts in the same setup), to the mammoth MAG Giddings & Lewis RT1250 rotary-table boring mill, with a work envelope big enough for you and several friends to take a nap in.

Invitation-only technology previews from MAG Cincinnati (aerospace titanium and composite related) and MAG Powertrain have attracted top manufacturing OEM management. Producers of turned parts are witnessing the depth of the MAG IAS turning machine offering, including CNC horizontals from MAG +FMS+ and crankshaft machining systems from MAG Boehringer. Few companies other than MAG IAS offer technology that spans the production spectrum from job shop to high-volume capability.


Day 3 – September 19, 2007
Images From the Show Floor

Mag Motorcycle Photo Op

MAG on the show floor

The MAG Industrial Automation Systems 3650 square meter (about 40,000 square foot) exhibit at EMO contains 45 machines … 46 if you count the one that you can sit on (above), representative of the many durable good industries that utilize MAG IAS technology. It’s a custom-built chopper with a 1500 cubic centimeter Harley engine. Announcements regarding two new MAG IAS business units were made this week (see below).


Day 2 – September 18, 2007
MAG IAS Introduces MAG Maintenance
Technologies Europe

MAG IAS President Outlines Global Expansion
in Press Conference.

MAG Maintenance Technologies Europe, introduced to European manufacturers at EMO Hannover 2007, is a key element in the global outreach of MAG IAS, as outlined by Dr. Robert Wassmer, President, MAG IAS at a press conference here today. Maintenance Technologies operates major hubs in the United States, Germany, China, and Brazil, and is positioned to be a single source for productivity enhancements, along with core contract maintenance services, to operators of any of over 50 machine tool brands and the manufacturing industry worldwide.

More on MAG Maintenance Technologies Europe

Dr. WassmerDr. Wassmer also elaborated on the launch of the control systems business unit, Infimatic (see below), and also explained how synergies and technology transfer between MAG IAS machine tool and system building companies, in Europe and the Americas, will provide breakthrough innovations for the manufacturing sector. With 4300 employees, MAG Industrial Automation Systems now operates from 26 locations worldwide, including 16 manufacturing facilities.


Day 1 - September 17, 2007
MAG IAS Enters the Control System Business, Introduces Infimatic at EMO

MAG Industrial Automation Systems (Sterling Heights, MI) has formed Infimatic, a new business unit that will meet the requirements of machine tool and automation builders who have asked for a control system that can be configured faster and scaled to meet changing needs.

The result has been the development of a modular, scaleable control system with a tough hardware architecture and high-productivity software platform … one that handles faster data rates and yet meets a targeted price point that is unmatched in the industry.

“For the first time, the genesis of a new controls platform has been derived from a knowledge base that includes machine tool design, machining process development, and a deep understanding of CNC from the user’s point of view,” said Pete Tecos, VP Sales and Marketing, Infimatic. “The twelve companies that comprise Infimatic’s parent-company MAG IAS have combined their decades of machine tool and control design experience to evaluate and optimize a powerful, modular and scalable control platform.”

The first product line offered by Infimatic is the Freedom NC200™ CNC control system, designed for equipment applications ranging from automation to 5-axis contour metalcutting.  The new business unit is headquartered in Hebron, KY.   For more on the development of the new company and the control platform: Infimatic Backgrounder.

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MAG IAS is making major announcements at EMO, including the introduction of two new business units, and our aim is to make the information available to media in the Americas (and elsewhere around the globe) almost as soon as if you were attending the show in Hannover. Background information and images are also here on the site.


Jim Meloche (L) on the EMO floor, and Dave Schmidt (R) stateside.


Introducing the
Freedom NC200™

“This is a machine tool control designed and built by machine tool builders, which means we come at this task with a deep understanding of CNC from the user’s point of view.” - Pete Tecos, VP Sales and Marketing, Infimatic.

Mark Logan, VP Business Development & Marketing
MAG Advanced Technologies
Tel.  859.534.4883

Dave Schmidt, VP Public Relations Services
Tel. 248.352.3333

Jim Meloche, Senior Vice President, Smith-Winchester
(at EMO) Cell: 001.248.376.4076