The Marketing Collaborative was incorporated in August of 2005.

The principals and key talent of

our company come from three leading marketing support firms

that have vaporized in recent years.


  • Our Value Proposition:


    "Want Quality?

    Or Delivery?

    Or Price?

  • Pick any three."

  • How The Marketing Collaborative Can Help You Grow
  • Help enhance corporate identity

    Building your company's reputation can be done in a variety of ways and none of them has to break the bank. A strong PR program, for example, can work wonders.


    Help build customer relationships

    Every 5% gain in customer loyalty can double profitability. Relationship marketing cements bonds and keeps communication channels wide open.

  • Help launch new products

    A lot is riding on your new product launch. An integrated communications approach will help you leapfrog the competition.

  • Help leverage the unique value of your brand

    Once you know what differentiates your company from the competition, communicate a consistent message wherever you can. From ads to PR to your web site.

  • Help open new markets

    An increasingly dynamic marketplace calls for adapting to ever-changing situations and opportunities. Refining and re-directing your message through new channels will help.

  • Help grow market share

    Pumping up marketing communication efforts in an economic downturn can grab market share away from short-sighted competitors. Don't let them forget your brand!

  • Help boost sales channel effectiveness

    To maximize profitability, focus on what you do best. An internal positioning exercise can clarify what you really sell and who wants to buy.
  • Help improve trade show ROI

    Just showing up at a trade show is not enough. Build traffic with targeted pre-show publicity and direct mailings. Create a "buzz" with effective graphics and on-site editor relations. Post-show follow-up is a must!

  • Now is the time to plan for the good times that lie ahead

  • By developing the right message.

  • Focused on the right audience.

  • Delivery at all the right times.
  • Jim Meloche
    President & CEO

  • A senior marketing counselor, Jim was recently Senior Vice President-Public Relations at Smith-Winchester, a marketing support company serving technology companies and the automotive supply chain. Prior to that, he was President of French & Rogers, a marketing communications company serving clients in the manufacturing environment. During his 45-year career, he has advised on and implemented programs for a long list of major players in the automotive engineered products and manufacturing systems industries. In Jim's world, aggressive impact on a client's sales numbers is paramount. Distributor support, trade show innovations, and product introductions are among his fortes.
  • Jim is a frequent lecturer, a relentless networker, and a 30-year member of the National Ski Patrol.

“In nearly 25 years, I've worked with no one who can match Jim's breadth and depth of marketing wisdom, nor anyone who can match his tireless enthusiasm. Jim steers through the evolving channels of marketing communications, seeking, finding, and maximizing those opportunities that will generate the greatest benefit for his client. His decades of experience and success have only increased the energy he brings to his work, and he creates new connections and new business for his clients with the deft hand of a maestro. Jim is a client, a mentor and above all, a trusted friend. Any company seeking a fierce, business-building advocate need look no further."Adrian Astrakhan

Creative Director - Michigan

“Jim is a seasoned marketing communications program builder. He is, at once, an advertising and PR guy, with almost endless energy in terms of working angles - messages, events, channels. He has an impressive track record in the business-to-business world, and has been an executive level leader of marketing services companies for many years. He also doesn't seem to forget anything or anyone, and once he gets on to something, things will happen."David Gordon Schmidt

Public Relations Consultant - California


“Jim operates with the highest degree of integrity and is very focused on delivering results for his customers. I have engaged Jim to help drive the marketing and public relations initiatives at three different companies. In every case, the results exceeded expectation thanks largely to his get-it-done attitude. Jim has a high degree of professionalism and works excellent in a team environment. He has significant expertise in supporting global marketing programs and is skilled in supply chain related promotion tactics. In addition, I have found Jim to be highly effective on the PR side given his extensive network. Jim is truly an excellent business partner and I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future."Lance Harris

Automotive OE and Aftermarket Professional - Florida


"During my tenure with Fadal as Global Marketing Director, I worked with Jim Meloche to raise the awareness of our brand, which had become a sub-brand of a much larger company. We implemented many marketing tactics that were new to this industry, but have become S.O.P. since. An example: I challenged Jim and his team to get news of our latest line of machining centers into the hands of as many journalists as possible within two months. They succeeded beyond my expectations. Our Fadal FX news release and photo appeared in 14 of the 15 key trade publications.  Here is my reaction (I still have the email): 'Jim. I'm very impressed with this activity. How much is it to bring you on board by monthly retainer for all press releases, application stories, on-going pitching, speaker opportunities, etc. for the Americas market? Thank you and your team for a great initial effort.'" Ron Bruno

Marketing Professional-