It's simple.

If you have share of mind, you will have a better shot at share of market.

Here are some powerful tactics that can increase awareness for you and your company. And that goes directly to the bottom line:


Image & Course Correction

Basic Information Audits

Market Research

Advisory Council Development

Positioning Analysis

Brand Strategy Development

Key Message Development

Sales Support

Brochures & Catalogs

Market Consultation

Multi-Media Presentations

Unified Theme for Presentations

Promotional CD-ROMs

Targeted Direct Marketing

News Publications

Technical Publications

Direct Mail

Short-Term Gain Niche Programs

Special Offers

Direct Mail


Advertising to Key Markets

Near-Term Programs

Medium-Term Market-Focus Programs

New Products/Services Programs

Longer-Term Branding/Image Programs

Advertising on the Internet

Local/Regional Advertising

Public Relations

Application Stories & Releases

Your Web Site as a PR Tool Editor Visits

Facility-Related PR

Editorial Alerts

Continuing PR Efforts

Social Networking Media

Press Interview Training

PR Crisis Management

Exhibitions, Conferences & Events

Trade Shows

Show-Related Traffic Building

Road Shows

Technology Centers

Distributor/Representative Relations & Support

Marketing Forums

Distributor Newsletters

Keeping the Sales Organization Motivated

News Magazine of the Air

Sales Meeting Support

Sales Training

Internet Survival Tactics

Promotional Specialties

Web Communications

Site Development and Content

Consultation and SEO/SEM

E-Commerce Support

Social Networking Management Electronic Technology

Closing the Loop

Marketing Intelligence

Database Management

Lost Order Analysis

Competitive Measurement

Inquiry Management