There's no one better at building cross-cultural work teams to accomplish global objectives.


See below for a few examples.

SMR Automotive Photo & Video Shoots. It was a real challenge to pull this off. The marketing manager and video production partner were in Germany. The literature production team was in India. And the assignment took us to two locations in the USA and one in Mexico. We managed the video and still photo teams and implemented a shooting script we developed after a walk-thru in the USA. Then we sent the same crew to Mexico. At the last minute, we were also asked to do aerial photography.


GKN Web Site. The product managers and marketing person were in Michigan, the marketing VP in Germany, the IT people in the UK and another team member in Israel. It took only seven months to produce an 80-page web site, complete with Flash animations. The team communicated by email, conference calls and a beta site where updates were posted weekly.


MSC China Exhibit. Ten days "womb" to "tomb". The marketing person was in China and the product team in Michigan. No photos available, no documentation. Just an exhibit space at a Shanghai show that had to be filled. We photographed difficult products, wrote the narrative, designed exhibit panels, printed eveything, shipped it, got it through customs and made the deadline with one day to spare.

Torino, Italy SAE 2010 Press Event.

The Torino Chamber of Commerce sponsored an all-day event on Sustainable Mobility at the 2010 SAE World Congress in Detroit. We were retained to generate interest and support from the press. The marketing team was in Torino, Italy until three days before the event and the presenters were from all over Europe.


MAG EMO'06 Press Event.

On the eve of the largest machine tool show in the world, our client approved a proposal to create a web portal to serve USA journalists who could not attend. The N.A. marketing team was in Cincinnati, the marketing VP in Israel, the president in Germany and the subject matter experts distributed around the globe.


Cosma Mexico and CanadaWe designed a corporate literature system for Cosma, the metals division of Magna. Then we were retained to create brochures and videos for each business unit. Our team traveled from Canada to Mexico, interviewing plant management and subject matter experts, shooting stills and video, doing production and post-production, printing and delivering sales tools conforming to Cosma and local standards.




It's a Small World After All.

Skype conferences, Email, Voice Mail. Even Fax.