Everything is new again. We're hearing aggressive things from clients who have been running with their heads down for seven years or more!


Things are really looking up - but we cannot let our guard down again. 2009 changed everything, 2010 was a year of recovery, 2011 began the ramping up, 2012 was a course-correction year, and every year since 2013 has shown real promise. These past few years, we've been learning to do business in a smarter, more cautious style.


Here is what hasn't changed:

Your management still wants you to do more with less...

Your sales team is cut to the bone.

Every sales call had better bring results.

There's no time for education or missionary work.

You're expected to sell globally on a regional budget.

Then, justify that every dollar was well-spent.


Q. What are you going to do now?

A. Contact us without delay.

03 2014 "Vari-Form, Pioneering Hydroformer to the Automotive Industry..."


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04 2013 "Government Transparency Platform Munetrix Reports..."


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BLASTS FROM THE PASTHere we are with the remote crew from TV 4.


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